What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is produced from the flower of the hemp plant. It is a natural active substance, which has a long history of supporting the human wellbeing. QAQAO uses 100% clean and certified CBD from Austrian production.

The Taste of CBD

CBD tastes mildly bitter, which makes it blend perfectly with the rich aromas of selected cocoas.

What is the Content of CBD in QAQAO?

A 50g bar of QAQAO chocolate contains 0,25% CBD, which is 125mg. A moderate content, which delivers a delicious taste, while using the properties of the hemp plant. QAQAO is a food item, which is to be consumed moderately as a delicacy.

The Hemp Plant

The hemp plant has been known for many centuries to enhance the human immune system and for its positive effects in stress situations, be it physical or mental


CBD (Cannabidiol) is a substance produced from the flower of the hamp plant, which is said to generate these positive effects. It is said to relieve pain and to alleviate inflammation and it can help against pain from migrain and during menstruation.


 Recently the hemp plant has been rediscovered and specifically its active substance CBD has qualities that allow the body to regenerate naturally.

What means Bean to Bar?

Bean to bar means that the cocoa can be traced back from the finished chocolate product to the cocoa bean. Every step in the processing is closely monitored and the quality standards are supervised.